In the context of the International Executive Program on Government & Corporate Affairs

The IE Business School organizes

a Brussels Round Table


The American and European business community shaping the future TTIP: a question of legitimacy

iStock_000008337978LargeThe IE Business School and Vinces have signed an agreement to launch the International Executive Program on Government & Corporate Affairs. The OECD is actively supporting the IE Business School in the development of this programme by providing both materials and suggesting speakers on transparency, integrity and ethics. The programme aims at training directors or high-level executives at global multinationals and non-government associations in how to effectively manage their government and corporate affairs departments to build their business legitimacy in a global context following a pioneering method. It will consist of one week in Washington DC (July 13yh-17th), one week in Brussels (September 21st-25th), and 10 online sessions in between.
The ROUND TABLE: Businesses large and small are willing to see the current TTIP negotiations moving forward. However, civil society representatives on both sides of the Atlantic claim that the eventual treaty would only benefit corporate interests. In this round table we will explore the legitimacy of the negotiations between corporations and member states in the US and in the EU vis-à-vis the TTIP, why it is important for companies, and ultimately for the society as a whole.•    When: Tuesday, March 24th | 2:30-4:30pm
•    Where: High Council of Chambers of Commerce of Spain, 19-21 Rue du Luxembourg
•    Programme:
iStock_000016979476Large2:30-2:40pm: Opening remarks on the importance of building business legitimacy by IE Business School Academic Directors, David Córdova and Elena Herrero-Beaumont.

2:40-4:10pm: Moderator Stephen Fidler, Brussels bureau chief @WSJ will introduce the three speakers:

John Sammis, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Mission to the EU
Ignacio García-Bercero, Director at the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission
Luisa Santos, Director for International Affairs at BusinessEurope

4:00-4:10pm: Acamic Directors will finish the program

4:10-4:30pm: Networking around coffee

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