Government & Corporate Affairs in EU-US Relations (#IEGCA)

The IE Business School and Vinces are launching the International Executive on Government & Corporate Affairs. The programme aims at training directors or high-level executives at global multinationals and non-government associations in how to effectively manage their government and corporate affairs departments. It will consist of one week in Brussels, one week in Washington DC (in July) and 10 online sessions. The OECD is actively supporting the IE Business School in the development of this programme by providing both materials and suggesting speakers on transparency, integrity and ethics.


In this context we have organized a round table to discuss the experiences of US and Spanish government public officials and US and Spanish companies executives discussing the way they work together in advancing their mutual interests in EU-US relations under an ethics and transparency framework.


Round table

When: April 23rd, 7pm
Where: IE Business School


Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Krishna R. Urs

CEO of ICEX, Francisco Garzón

Francisco Javier Garzón
Head of Public Policy at Telefónica, Christoph Steck

Chris Steck
Head of Public Policy at Airbnb, Angel Mesado

Angel Mesado


7:00pm-7:10pm Opening Remarks by Program’s Director David Córdova

Foto David Córdova
7:10pm-8:30pm Round Table moderated by Progam’s Director Elena Herrero-Beaumont

Foto Elena Herrero
8:30pm-9:00pm Spanish Wine & Networking

To register, please go to this link.

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